Modern agriculture no longer means cultivating the earth, but have much more technological creativity, where you can harness the potential biological fauna and vegetation, without disturbing the ecosystem, using dynamic methods and very modern.

The growth of plants under natural conditions or as close to the natural system, without using substances and chemical fertilizers that may hasten

their growth and development, has been the concern of many experts after 1970, when began a truly  world invasion of chemicals in Our life starting at indenting plants, animals, fish and up to the industrial preparation of food daily.

The concept that I want to introduce you, AQUAPONICS, is born of two technologies, which are not similar but which together can make a miracle,  to grow aquatic animals in protected areas, with high productivity and water from aquatic animales can grow vegetables,  aromatic plants,   fruit plants, ornamental plants etc .. without using the sterile  soil or chemicals – fertilizers.

You may be wondering what is this new technology. Well manages to combine, to make a whole from  two separate technologies, ie technology Growth of fish, crayfish etc ... in superintensive systems, industrial AQVACULTURE  and plant growth in HYDROPONICS  system .

To understand how this technology AQUAPONICS, we must analyze two technologies.

We'll start with  AQUACULTURE , where we grow fish, crabs, shrimp, other aquatic animals in the industrial system, super intensive.

High demand on the world market fishs , crayfish, seefood  is seen worldwide. The species of fish that are sought  have  tasty and very tasty meat, crayfish, shrimp, which are culinary delicacies, seafood in general.

Everyone interested in recipes with seafood, but no one tries to explain from where did this trend.

On our precious planet, the cleanest and least polluted water remained seawater and ocean. Animals that live here have a normal life without eating chemicals, everything is natural and perfectly reflects the way in which we have to analyze the future of aquaculture.

Seafood and fish in the seas and oceans, are unable to be infected with different substances. There are some individual cases when an oil spill occurs, or when stored from  chemical or nuclear  wastes.

In the system of intensive breeding of fish and crayfish, water is used in closed circuit to conserve water, and to be it controlled more easily, some caracteristics  physical - chemical properties of water, salinity, oxygen concentration, calcium temperature, etc ..

Industrial echipments use are designed to handle all issues related to growth and development of fish and crayfish.

I try to make a schematic flow tehnology  diagram that have more  as accurately  installations and equipment used in this technology.

Fish and crayfish are grown in special pools of different sizes, which are connected to sources of water and sanitation, so that the amount of fresh water entering the ponds be equal to the amount of water coming out of pools. Water from sewage goes through several filters, mechanical filter, a filter that is designed to crush ties ammonia found in residues from fish and crayfish, turning them into nitrates and nitrites. Water that contains these subsatante is passed through bio-filters, which are designed to retain nitrite at a rate of 90-95%, and let go nitrates, which are essential for growth   plant.

Water moving forward in other basins where it oxygenates and refreshes with natural elements, deficiencies of chemical content.

They are raised in   fish and crayfish pools, the food is given at set times in recipes and quantities calculated for each growth group. Importantly the  water is  filtered, enriched and oxygenated returns in fish rearing ponds for fish and crayfish.

In  hydroponic  technology ,  plants grow without soil, directly in water, are  equipment that can ensure the flow of nutrient solutions for plants that are fixed in sterile materials like gravel, flakes polystyrene, bark, coconut, granular ceramic and other materials.

Culture beds have different shapes from simple gutters, metal - palstic pipes different sizes and geometric form.

They are posted either outdoors or indoors and have a recirculating water from  plant basins preparation nutrient solutions and back.

Plants live in water directly to the roots with nutrient solutions, so they do not have to found in the soil, nutrients, water or other substances are present in all plant root in different recipes depending on the age and type of plant.

The most common plants in hydroponics are:

- Lettuce, china cabbage, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, etc ..

What is interesting is that time of maturity of crops in Hiroponics system is lower by at least 50% compared to the rise time of classical technologies.

We presented two separate technologies that are widely used nowadays in the world in their field ..

But maximum efficiency and bio intotalitate is the version that combine the two technologies.

I think you remember, water from fish ponds, filtered and oxygenated after it returns to the circuit, now  here comes the surprise and combining the two technologies.

Water resulting from increasing fish and crayfish, and treated, is introduced into the water cycle Hiroponics system, it's going to plant roots and moisten them. Interestingly, the waste water from fish ponds - crayfish, after filtration and treatment plants is prefect for hiroponica culture, and no longer required CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS - nutrients.

In this case we can say that only nurture fish, crayfish and plants grow by it self.

Yes 90% true, but it needs of their analyze what kind of plants can be grown in this system AQUAPINOCS.

The most common plant is lettuce, and aromatics, and then tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc ...

Are ongoing and other systems of work which has tried to combine a number of technologies, with a particular view to be able to have a cleaner life, a cleaner world and our children but us to be healthier.

From the banking standpoint, Aquaponics, reduce investment costs, achieve cash receipts and accounts faster, shorten his recovery with minimal investment of 50-60%.

Profits occur relatively quickly, but their reinvestment and business development stages, from money received, plus capital,new profitability and creates  time shortening .



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