Crayfish is an aquatic animal that loves to live in clean and oxygenated water, where aquatic plants and small aquatic plants that feed for it grow.

Crayfish  manages anything, is omnivorous just like humans, prefer meat - animal proteins, but also vegetation in the water or on the banks of the lakes or the rivers where it lives - the vegetable protein      

s, but they do not stop at a feast with dead animals, either fish or mollusks, thus eliminating the possibility of water infestation from its habitat, and for this is called the "Water Doctor".

To this food is added the minerals found in the lake at the bottom of the lake that is digested when in the water there are not enough animal and vegetable proteins in November - December - ... March - April - May, which ensures its development, but can consume these substances contained in the pot while changing the carcass, when it needs more calcium, potassium, etc.

Crayfish grows in natural systems, lakes, rivers, without action, human intervention, in aquarium and various technological systems, intensive and super intensive, at human intervention.

We will present in the first stage, the natural food, for the crayfish found in the fresh waters, its component:

- aquatic and river vegetation;

- Microorganisms taken from the water, through breathing, the passage of water through the gills, in order to obtain oxygen, stops small organisms, fish, frogs, frames, worms, etc. ... and dead animals.

If we analyze what we have said above, we have a first conclusion: "The food used by the crayfish is varied, and is influenced by water temperature, absorption of dissolved oxygen, aquatic vegetation, seasons."

It happens very often that during the spring, when they start to turn the trees, or even later, in June, October, when there is no vegetation in lakes or rivers, due to low temptations, crayfish that feed ONLY at night, naturally , leave the water, climb the banks, look for vegetation, the road can be long and hundreds of meters - 200 m - max. 300 m. It happens especially in nights with a lot of humidity - rainy, and we can find it in trees mancad leaves, or on the road eating the grass.

If someone wants to grow crayfish in lakes or rivers, on some surfaces, I recommend them to feed them, to use:

- animal protein - wastes from sausage or slaughterhouses, fresh, minced, powdered, dairy, vierns, cattle, debris from industrialized fish, etc.

- vegetable protein - wheat flour made from wheat flour, wheat flour with different granulations, sunflower striate, sugar beet or feed beetle, dried and grounded fan, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, cooked carrots, certain quantities and recipes so that it does not infect the water in which the rabbit grows, etc. ......

- antibiotics and vitamins in varying proportions and combinations, to provide an optimal growth frame for crayfish.

There is another type of food used to grow crayfish in aquariums - for pleasure. Food can be artificial, prepared by specific recipes by specialized firms, it is especially a dry food, and it is bought, but you can prepare, in the food of the acavrist, a fresh, dry food, using different preparations.

An example that circulates over the internet, a recipe that includes - beef liver, fish oil, vegetable protein, etc ...

Crayfish  being an omnivorous can be fed with the same human food, but we need to be careful to use normal amounts, about 2% of its weight / day, otherwise we can change the physico-chemical characteristics of the water, eliminating first part of the dissolved oxygen, which brings a high stress to the caryfish.

For aquarists I recommend to use in some proportions:

- animal protein, fish meal, powdered milk, frames, virmas etc.

- vegetable protein, wheat flour, wheat, fresh lettuce, cabbage, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes etc.

- antibiotics and vitamins during the moolting period, when they change their shell.

We will return to show you the types of food in other crayfish technological systems.





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