Many people know that the crayfish is an aquatic animal that has a very tasty meat. It has been used with great success in all the kitchens of the old, but the greatest fame it had during the French Royal Age, during the Ludovics  times.

It is interesting to know that during that time the crayfish was considered to be a royal rank and was forbidden to consume him the population.

The excerpt I found in the papers of the old time ,  reverted to the blue color of the crayfish blood, just as kings claimed to have the color blood at that time.

Crayfish has no blood, but it has a lymphatic, colorless liquid that plays a role of blood and which, in contact with the air, turns blue.

In time, it began to appear in the kitchens of other states in recipes copied from the French or invented by the chefs of the time..

Now in Europe, the crayfish appears very often in the kitchens of France, Spain, England, Sweden, Norway ... in Asia, Japan, China, Vitnam, Corea ..., and Australian and American crayfish  are appreciated from south to north and east to west.

Crayfish  grows very heavily in the areas of Europe, and most reluctant in Australia and America, and for a few years there are crayfish farms in this category in Japan and China.

Crayfish needs special living conditions, clean water, low salinity, rich in minerals, especially calcium, Potassium, Fer, optimal temperature, etc., and a large amount of oxygen must be dissolved in the water.

Together with the fish, the crayfish has become a major component in modern agronomy in the aquaculture sector, where, , The EU, funds massive bio-systems programs, including aquaculture activities, with a view to improving and improving the ecosystem's environmental conditions.

Why these efforts are being made, because through aquaculture, aquatic animal breeding technologies, the farmer can and must help or change the environment and eco systems if necessary. Aquaculture is a segment  since it is known  although thousands of years old,, in the present Europe, for just a few years the emphasis has been placed on its rapid development, following three main purposes:

  1. Improving and changing the environment, aquatic animal growth through bio - in aquaculture technologies;

2. Positive influence of the stability of the workforce on geographic areas, partially reducing its migration;

3. Provide another source of food to the population that is 100% organic without any chemical intervention in food.

Everything is nice and the intentions are good, but the economic sector one has researched it?

It is demonstrated by analyzes of the market for the sale of live crayfish and frozen crayfish meat, as demand is steadily increasing, and the acquisition values of the crayfish are large and large, with an accent in the last 7 years.

Ex. the most eloquent:

In 2012, when we finished the book "FARM FOR GROW CRAYFISH ", I was curious to see the wholesale prices of a renowned European market, the Paris Fish  Stock .



                Crayfish  Species                                                  Euro / kg

                                                                                      2012            2016

crayfish          ASTACUS ASTACUS                                 12                  22

 "Red craw Australian - American                                     8                   10


frozen crayfish meat      ASTACUS                                    8                    12

                                       RED CRAW                                  5                     8


These price differences, between years, show us that the market is very mobile in this respect, and an undeniable truth : REQUEST IS MORE THAN THE OFFER.

 Under these circumstances, and using these data, it results that  for starting a business in the aquaculture system, in spirite of the growth of the crayfish, is a business that, professionally, and listening to the specialists' safety, may be a major niche in the regional government .

Using these prerequisites, it is a good idea to initiate aquaculture programs, individual communities, help the citizens who want to start the activity or want to develop the current activity of fish breeding by increasing the crayfish at regional or governmental levels.

The markets are large and as demand is higher than the offer, the start in such a business is guaranteed.

We have to keep in mind that with new, modern, where the bio- technologies exist  those who start the business, they will have open to the subsidies or funds at national or European levels through the EU.

What we need to enjoy is that the crayfish ATACUS  - ASTACUS, which predominates in our geographic area, has a good market share and high demand.



 We are at a time when subventions in aquaculture are high, and crayfish  farming technologies are diversified.

We are in possession of God's gifts on earth, lakes, rivers, etc. sweet waters, where we can, without great financial effort, start this activity.

 I'll have present  data on this business.

 CLASSIC SYSTEM = using lakes, irrigation channels, rivers, oysters, artificial lakes etc. where the start-up investments of crayfish  start from 800 - 1000 euro / ha, and can reach 50,000 euro 300,000 / ha, where intense forms of another technology , so not classical;

 INTENSIVE SYSTEM = Areas that are closed or open at certain times of the year with energy, electric, gas, ... water, sewage, access roads, systems and installations for circulating or recirculating water - RAS, etc ... where the investment values go from min. 200,000 euros and reach over 2,000,000 euros, for large and very large productions on the  cycle to grow crayfish .

 I recommend you to consult with aspecialist  in the first phase, if you are in the beginning, they can to prepare a Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Budget Plan, Production Program, Execution Project for Facilities and technological location, etc ...

 It would be good if you follow these steps, they will help you understand the business, eg. : in the business plan you find the way to invest, how to work, what are the values to be used in the business, what development plans you have, periods,. years in which you can grow your business, what economic or legislative changes can influence your business in the future, what you need to do in that context, etc ....... to finally have your activity without stops and bypasses..





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